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Dr. Johannes Rolin

Institute of Basal Medical Sciences, Dep of Physiology
Postboks 1103 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway

Brief Biography:

I am an MD/PhD student of Prof. Azzam Maghazachi's laboratorium in Oslo, Norway. I entered medical school in 2006 and was enrolled in my research project in 2007.

Before entereing medical school, I lived and worked as an volunteer in Osaka, Japan, from 2004-2006. The experiences from a culture so different from the european has broadened my perspectives and taught me the values of hard work, peace of the mind and respect for other people not least my superiors and collaboratours.

I work as a college teacher teaching pathology and the knowledge of diseases to nurse students. I further work as an freelance journalist in the popular science - area, which I have done for several years.

Ending medical school in 2012, my plans are to finish my PhD, entern clinical work as a doctor and then to enter clinical research projects, at the best translatorial immuno - clinical ones.


Academic positions:

Currently, I am finishing the MD/PhD programme of the University of Oslo.


Research interests:

I work on immune regulation by inflammatory lipids, especcially the effect on Natural Killer cells in cancer. I work on human cells, and put great interest in the field of cancer microenvironment, innate immunity, lipid immunology and NK cell - biology.

Further, I am interested in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the way it is handled within the health care and social security systems. Etiology, prevention, treatment, social security compensation etc. are interests of mine.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I find it utterly important to continue develop ways of distributing high quality information to a broad audience. The internet obviously is the better platform for this, and ever new portals are launched that contribute positively to the enhanced availability of the important information on health, disease and basal science.

What normally is not open to the public, is the meaning of qualified readers on the science one may access. This is important information not the least for students and graduates who themself practice the all important critical sens and the art of critical appraisal. WebmedCentral takes a leading and important role in bringing this unique quality to the public, which is important and to which I want to contribute.